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Spirited Women

Bike Craft is proud to support Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Racing

We provide Mountain Bike (MTB) Coaching Clinics to entrants. Bike Craft’s aim is to give entrants the added confidence and skills on the bike to make the MTB sections of the race more enjoyable.

What's a Bike Craft Clinic?

A 3 hour dedicated session with a Qualified MTB Coach.

A brief run-through the following: Check your bike fit (and adjust if necessary); Run through quick bike fixes on race day (we want to avoid your race ending prematurely because you couldn’t do a simple repair on your bike); and tips to help your team mates on the bike sections.

Learning and Applying Skills: The majority of our session will be spent on the bike learning and applying skills to ensure you ride with more confidence, safely and with improved technique.  Skills such as how to brake, when to brake, correct body position, cornering techniques, how to ride faster and safer downhill and ride efficiently uphill.

Follow-up Questions & Answers: We recognise that we cover a huge amount of content in a short space of time so we will follow up our Clinics with a Zoom Q & A session for all participants to ensure that we provide you with the best opportunity to upskill prior to race day. Following your Clinic you will be sent a link and time to a participate in a Zoom meeting if you have any pressing questions or need clarity on some of the skills that we covered in the Clinics.

COST: $148 (Full price $185 but Spirited Women entrants receive a 20% discount) 

Note: To ensure quality of Clinics, our groups are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

Which Clinic is right for me?

Three levels of Clinics will be run as follows:

ROOKIE LEVEL best described as: Minimal mountain biking experience – eg. may have ridden some 4WD tracks or MTB trails Grade 2 and some Grade 3. You would like to feel more in control and confident on the MTB sections of the course.

COMPETENT LEVEL best described as: Some mountain biking experience on purpose built MTB trails Grade 2, 3 and maybe some Grade 4 tracks. You would like to improve your technique and build your skill level to ride more confidently.

SEASONED LEVEL best described as: Mountain bike regularly on Grade 3+ trails but you would like to refine your skills to enable you to ride more confidently, skilfully and faster. Note: Seasoned Level Clinics will be provided on request - please contact us to organise a Clinic:

The content of the Clinics will differ between the ROOKIE, COMPETENT & SEASONED Levels to reflect skill and confidence levels of the participants. 

Locations and Dates Available

North Island

Taupo - Craters MTB Park

December 2021 (on request)

Saturday 15th January 2022

Sunday 16th January 2022

New Plymouth

Saturday 13th  November 2021

Sunday 14th  November 2021


Saturday 20th November 2021

Sunday 21st November 2021

Hawkes Bay

December 2021 (on request)

Saturday 8th January 2022

Sunday 9th January 2022

Auckland - NEW DATES

Saturday 11th December 2021

Sunday 12th December 2021


South Island

Hanmer Springs

Wednesday 16th February 2022


Sunday 13th February 2022


Saturday 19th February 2022

Sunday 20th February 2022


Saturday 29th January 2022


Saturday 22nd January 2022

Sunday 23rd January 2022