Bike Craft is an AdventureMark Safety Audit Certified Operator. Rider safety is paramount to us and as such we have strict health and safety procedures in place for your protection. Mountain Biking is like any outdoor activity and involves risks, dangers and hazards, and as such injuries are an ordinary occurence of particpating in this sport.

After-School, Winter Programme & Holiday Programmes 'PLAY BIKE'

Bike Craft is particularly keen to get our youth outdoors and into the sport of mountain biking so we have Youth Programmes specifically targeted at introducing youth aged 6 – 17 years to the world of mountain biking and providing an avenue for youth to develop their riding ability, skills and confidence in a controlled environment, make some great friendships along the way and have fun times playing on their bikes enjoying the outdoors.  We want our youth to ’PLAY BIKE’ just like they play other sports.

Our Youth Programmes run throughout the year and aim to:

  • Provide an opportunity for youth to be introduced to mountain biking at an early age;
  • Develop a passion for the sport of mountain biking amongst our youth and increase the number of youth who choose mountain biking as their primary sport;
  • Provide the next step for children to advance from Kids Bike Taupo to mountain biking more specifically;
  • Educate youth on the art of mountain biking – develop their skills, ability and confidence on a mountain bike with a qualified Coach;
  • Get more girls into mountain biking; and
  • Help create well rounded, healthy, respectful young people in our local community.