Bike Craft is an AdventureMark Safety Audit Certified Operator. Rider safety is paramount to us and as such we have strict health and safety procedures in place for your protection. Mountain Biking is like any outdoor activity and involves risks, dangers and hazards, and as such injuries are an ordinary occurence of particpating in this sport.

Worksafe NZ Compliant

AdventureMark Safety Audit Certified Operator - New Zealand Safety Audit Standard for Adventure Activities 2017

For our youth courses, Parents/Caregivers are asked to stay for the first 10 minutes while we do a bike check, helmet and gear check make sure your child is safe to ride.  


Coaches carry a first aid kit at all times and basic tools.  Coaches have a current First Aid Certificate. In the event that an injury or incident occurs, please be assured that we have Worksafe NZ Approved processes in place to handle such occurrences. 

GROUP MANAGEMENT: On the trails, ratios are 1 Coach to 6 riders - above 6 riders we will have a Tail End Rider or Assistant Coach accompany the group up to a maximum of 12 riders

Adults are asked to bring a cell phone and will be given the Coach’s contact number at the commencement of the session.

For Youth sessions, as we all know kids can be unpredictable, so each rider will be given a cell phone to put in their backpack for the duration of the session (subject to availability as we have a limited supply😊).  The cellphone has a GPS tracker linked to the Coaches phone so at any stage of the ride they can see where each rider is.  Please note this is a backup tool for the Coaches only - they will be using good guiding protocol first and foremost.  But it is added peace of mind for Coaches, and peace of mind for you as a parent/caregiver 😊.

Please ensure you download and read our waiver.