Bike Craft is an AdventureMark Safety Audit Certified Operator. Rider safety is paramount to us and as such we have strict health and safety procedures in place for your protection. Mountain Biking is like any outdoor activity and involves risks, dangers and hazards, and as such injuries are an ordinary occurence of particpating in this sport.


Do I need to purchase a day pass to Craters MTB Park or be a Bike Taupo or Taupo Mountain Bike Club Member?

No you do not need to purchase a day pass or join Bike Taupo or the Taupo MTB Club to undertake a Bike Craaft coaching or guiding session.  Access to the park for the duration of your session is granted through MTB Skills Concession to operate at Craters MTB Park.

If doing a session in the PanPac Forest you will need to purchase a pass to access the Park - this is $10 and available from local bike shops and online.

I am visiting Taupo or Hawkes Bay – can I book a guiding or skills session with Bike Craft? 

Absolutely, Bike Craft is for all mountain bikers, not just Taupo or Hawkes Bay residents. 

I don’t have my own gear. Do you hire it? 

You will need to bring your own mountain bike, however if you are visiting Taupo and didn’t bring your bike along, there at plenty of options for hiring bikes from one of our local bike shops, or FourB which is right across the road from Craters MTB Park entrance. 

I’ve never mountain biked before. Is this for me?

Yes. We teach skills right from beginners through to intermediate level.  Many people are taking up mountain biking as an outdoor activity…our youth are riding on trails for the first time and many adults are venturing out onto trails for the first time.  Riding mountain bike trails safely and in control requires a different set of bike skills than riding a bike on roads or limestone flat paths.

My child is 11 but is riding grade 3-4 trails. Can s/he join an older group?

Youth are initially put into groupings by age, but just like any other sport some kids may be above their age in fitness and in their bike skill level so will be moved to a more advanced class to ensure every rider is learning and challenged according to their current riding level.

I want to try an event – can you help me find an event that would suit me and help me prepare for it?

Absolutely - we can discuss your goals and what you want to achieve in an event and tailor a program for you around your existing commitments so you are prepared to have an awesome day on your bike when event day rolls around.

I would like to be involved with Bike Craft and sponsor a child or one of your programmes – how do I go about this?

Check out our Sponsors page and flick us an email with your ideas: