Bike Craft is an AdventureMark Safety Audit Certified Operator. Rider safety is paramount to us and as such we have strict health and safety procedures in place for your protection. Mountain Biking is like any outdoor activity and involves risks, dangers and hazards, and as such injuries are an ordinary occurence of particpating in this sport.


We are a group of older (70 ishers) Taupo mountain bikers who have recently completed a mountain-bike upskilling series with Paula, of "Bike Craft" . "You're never too old to learn" is so true and even after many mountain-biking years we came away with more knowledge, confidence and riding skills.  Paula was always punctual, patient and imparted her extensive mountain biking knowledge with wisdom and wit. Our group, "The Old Farts" have no hesitation in recommending Paula's various programmes to any who want to enjoy mountain biking with confidence be they beginners or aspirational winners.

Bjarne,John, Kit, Max, Robbie, Vern

I enrolled both of my children in with Paula at Bikecraft to sharpen their mountain bike skills and learn from a professional.  Both of my kids are intermediate level and after each ride I could see an improvement in skill and confidence.  Most importantly they always came back with big smiles and stories about their rides.  Paula takes the kids a little bit out of their comfort zones, not enough to scare them, but enough to take them to the next level.
Highly recommend the program to any parents looking to either get their kids into mountain bike riding and or improving on existing skills.


Paula from Bikecraft NZ taught me a broad range of skills in a very short time.  She not only helped me but enabled me to make it to the start and finish line of a 30km race.  Within 3 months Paula took me from zero bike fitness and riding grade1 and 2 trails to confidently riding grade 3 - 4 and completing my first ever 30km MTB event.  I was beyond nervous leading up to the event and on the start line, but Paula had prepared me for everything - even my first crash (which happened in the event). I knew what I needed to do and how to get my head back into the game. The home program Paula wrote for me and the weekly check-ins kept me on track.  We had a few training sessions together which were invaluable. Paula's passion for MTB is contagious and you come away from every training session (either with her or on your home program) feeling like you have accomplished big things. I rate BikecraftNZ and Paula very highly and recommend anyone who wants to enjoy their bike more to get in touch with her

Carlee Robinson

Paula taught both of our children during both holiday session and term weekly sessions. Paula provided a really personalised approach which was important to us, as was local knowledge and a focus on health and safety. The kids had a blast. Paula provided excellent communication before and after rides along with useful feedback for the kids themselves after each ride. Both kids dramatically improved their skills, our son is now out-riding us! Thanks again Paula.

Pernille Fletcher